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Camping Health and Safety Tips for your Family

Summertime is just about here, which means that campers will be excited to take a few trips into the woods and relax with Mother Nature. But going on a long-term, or even a shorter, camping trip requires some health and safety oversight before you take off.

A camping trip requires ample food, medication, safety equipment, and other needs to go off without any issues. Additionally, you’ll want to brush up on some basic camping skills to protect you and your family during the trip. Regardless of whether you’re at a closed off site or a more remote camping trip, you’ll want to make sure you’re ready for your camping trip with these skills and tips, per the CDC:

Get updated vaccines and stock necessary medications before your trip

Vaccinations are critical for you and your family before going on any camping trip. Preventive vaccines can help protect against camping-prone disease including tetanus, pertussis (whooping cough), meningitis, and hepatitis A.

Review your vaccination histories with a trusted medical provider before going on any camping trip. In addition, make sure that any allergy, personal, or related medications are stocked for any member of your family who needs them. Medications including inhalers for asthma, and general antibiotics, are key to ensuring your family is safe in the event that a medical provider is not immediately available.

Get your children vaccinated if their vaccines are out-of-date and keep a first-aid kit with medications and triage items at the ready.

Stock plenty of food and water

Food and water may not be readily available depending upon where you and your family plans their trip. Make sure to safely store and package food and water for your camping trip. Additionally, prepare enough food so that you have a little more to eat than the duration of your stay.

Safely packaging food is also critical to ensure that wild animals don’t travel to your campsite and create a potentially dangerous situation for your family.

Brush up on first-aid techniques before your trip

First-aid skills are always going to be useful whenever you and your family go on a camping trip. For example, in the event that someone falls or experiences an injury it helps to know how to stabilize an injury.

First-aid may also help triage an injury in the event that you’ll have to transport someone to a nearby medical provider. Try finding a local course before your trip so that you’ll be able to administer appropriate first-aid in any situation.