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Common Youth Football Injuries

Youth football is something that many children enjoy. It’s a wonderful way for them to stay active and blow off some steam while doing something they love. Football helps teach discipline, perseverance, and teamwork. Youth football refers to those playing from ages 7-14, in either tag or tackle teams. Of course, the sport comes with plenty of potential dangers. These are some of the most common youth football injuries that could affect your child. 

Youth and Backyard Football Injuries

Youth football can be done in one of two ways: tackle or flag. Tackle football is the traditional version of football, where players physically tackle one another. Flag football is safer because it takes tackling out of the equation and uses flags that can be taken from other players instead. Both types come with potential injury risks, although the risk is significantly higher with tackle football. 

  • Concussion – concussion occurs when a player is tackled and their brain actually moves around within their skull. Concussions are very serious, especially in children, and require immediate treatment. 
  • Ankle Sprains – ankle sprains often occur when a player is moving too fast and not paying attention to their footwork. A simple misstep or turning before their foot is able to catch up causes the muscles and tendons in the ankle to be sprained. 
  • Knee Injuries – knee injuries can include sprains, as well as torn ligaments. You can help your children avoid a knee injury by reminding them to stretch before every practice and game. Muscles that have been stretched are less likely to lead to an injury while they play. 

Avoiding Injury

Help your child avoid injury by making them wear the proper safety equipment at all times. This includes a helmet, padding, and the proper shoes. If you’re playing backyard football, it’s best to stick to flag football so there’s no risk of a concussion during a tackle. 

How Urgent Care Can Help

If your child suffers a youth football injury during practice or a game, seek treatment right away. Delaying treatment could lead to a more severe injury or slowed healing of the injury. Your local urgent care center is able to provide treatment for all of the football injuries mentioned above. With shorter wait times and lower costs than an emergency room, bringing them to an urgent care is the obvious choice! We can perform tests, offer braces and casts, and even give a referral for follow up treatment if necessary.