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Family Vacation Health Tips to Consider

Family vacations are big in the summer as school is out and everyone wants to enjoy the summer sunshine! But before you plan that big trip, it helps to first learn some basic ways to protect the health and safety of your family prior to a vacation.

Whether you are traveling locally or internationally, it always helps to brush up on some ways to protect the health and safety of your children before and during your trip. A few medical appointments, thoughtful planning, and some prevention steps can make all the difference when trying to have a safe and care-free family vacation!

Get Pre-Trip Care from your Local Medical Provider

Before your trip, you’ll want to make sure that you and your family have all the necessary medical care before taking off. Some destinations locally and internationally require exams, travel vaccines, and other needs before your trip. The types of care you should consider before your trip include:

  • Travel vaccinations
  • Sport and Camp Physicals
  • Routine vaccines and other medical appointments
  • Lab tests and blood work

Always consult a trusted medical provider to evaluate what your unique needs will be for your trip. Additionally, check the CDC’s website to review any types of travel vaccines you may need for specific destinations.

Always make sure food and water is safe to consume during your trip

A significant risk for young children and families when traveling to certain destinations may include food and water that is not entirely sanitary to consume.

Always double check that food and water are appropriately cooked and treated for safe consumption. As always, consult the CDC and other verified sources to ensure that there is no food-borne illness outbreaks or food safety issues during your trip.

Find freshly- sourced foods and water when possible to avoid possible illnesses. Packaged and bottled water may also be a useful resource to ensure a safe water supply.

Watch out for bug bites and insect-borne illness

In some destinations, the risk for bug bites and other insect-borne illnesses present infection risks for your and your family. Consult international health experts, the CDC, and other sources to see what risks are out there.

In addition, make sure that your family gets updated on any travel vaccines whenever they need them. These vaccines usually cover the risk of several insect-borne illnesses present in your destination country.

Plan out a schedule and familiarize yourself with medical amenities

In the even that you require medical care, make sure that you familiarize yourself with any hospitals or medical providers during your trip.

A schedule of your trip including guides, and other details about nearby medical information, can help to ensure that you are prepared for any medical emergencies.

Take these preventive steps into consideration to ensure that your family trip is stress-free and safe this summer!