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Flu Prevention Tips to Avoid Illness this Winter

The flu season is ready to peak and your chances of contracting the flu spike during the winter.

The flu, or influenza virus, spreads more rapidly in winter since the virus thrives in cold and dry weather rather than hot or humid temperatures. Additionally, the flu is more likely to spread as people stay indoors and come into contact with one another more frequently.

Luckily, flu prevention is fairly simple and not a time-consuming chore. You can prevent the disease with a few simple steps and a couple of preventive activities. Below we have highlighted some of the best ways to prevent the flu during peak flu season!

Get your flu shot ASAP!

The flu shot is by far the most effective way to prevent you from getting the virus.

A flu shot is a vaccination that uses a weakened strain of the latest influenza virus to boost your immune system. The vaccination is a safe way to teach your immune system and antibodies how to ward off the flu. Contrary to urban myth, the flu shot cannot lead to an influenza infection and get a person sick.

Medical providers recommend patients to get their flu shot in the late fall/early winter to prepare for flu season. If you still don’t have your flu shot make sure to get it ASAP. Patients that received a flu shot during the fall may want to get another flu shot since the vaccine usually lasts for three months.

An urgent care center is a great resource for patients that need a flu shot quickly. Urgent care centers allow patients to walk-in and get their flu shot without the need for an appointment.

Maintain good personal hygiene

Good hygiene is another effective means of preventing the flu during the winter.

Make sure that you wash your hands with hot water throughout the day to prevent the spread of germs. You’ll also want to practice other good hygiene tips to prevent the flu such as using hand sanitizer frequently, avoiding contact with infected individuals, and by covering your nose and mouth after sneezing.

Eat well, stay hydrated, and stay home when you get sick

During flu season, your immune system works overtime to ensure that your body doesn’t contract a disease or infection. You’ll want to make sure that you’re keeping your hunger in check and drink plenty of fluids.

Always plan to eat three meals a day, snack when hungry, and drink multiple glasses of water throughout the day. Additionally, the risk of dehydration increases if you catch the flu so make sure those fluids are nearby!

If you do get sick, make sure to stay home. Getting much-needed rest will help you recover from your symptoms faster so don’t be stubborn about going into work or elsewhere.

Use these general precaution and prevention tips to make this winter the healthiest yet!