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Healthcare Risks and Self-Care Updates for Fall 2019

Fall is pretty much here as football season kicks off, the weather begins to get a little colder, and the months draw closer to the end of the year. The autumn season is a time to partake in fun seasonal activities with the whole family. However, it is equally important to be mindful of seasonal health updates that impact you and your family.

Just like any other time of the year, their are unique seasonal illness, injury, and personal health risks that are more abundant during specific seasons. Here are just a few seasonal health risks that are likely to impact patients throughout the fall:

Sports injuries are usually much higher than normal during fall season

School sports are likely to kickoff for millions of student athletes at all levels of competition. Popular school sports including football, soccer, basketball, and volleyball. However, this also means that urgent care centers and similar medical facilities will notice a spike in youth sports injuries.

Most sports injuries are preventable through proactive defensive coaching, stretching, athletic training appointments, and adequate rest between games. But student athletes can also visit AFC Urgent Care Southlake for injury treatment!

Seasonal illnesses are likely to spread more during the fall

Allergies and colds spread more abundantly during the fall than other times of the year, which may require urgent care treatment more frequently. Seasonal care can help patients reduce the likelihood of uncomfortable symptoms and improve their day-to-day condition.

During the fall, airborne allergens and respiratory irritants are more likely to travel through the air and within cramped indoor spaces. This means that patients are more likely to come into contact with triggers they normally avoid. Remember to always bring medication, such as an inhaler, at all times.

Fall season is also flu season as well

The most common health risk and disease of the fall is the spread of the influenza virus, which infects over 40 million people each flu season.

The flu is more likely to infect children in schools and adults in office spaces if patients don’t get their updated flu shot. Thankfully, most walk-in clinics and urgent care centers offer flu shots for patients at convenient and affordable medical settings.

As a reminder, flu season usually peaks in the middle of October but can spread in local communities much sooner than normal. Because of this, it is important to get your flu shot as soon as possible in order to build up immunity.