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How to Manage Your Medical Spending with Urgent Care

Medical spending has gone up dramatically over the last decade and is usually a financially-straining experience for most people. When an injury or illness occurs, the first worry for many patients is the cost. This fear can even lead people to delay getting the treatment they need but unfortunately, that usually creates a bigger issue in the long run.

Did you know you could avoid those high medical bills and get the quality treatment you need? If you decided to go through an urgent care center, then you may do just that.

Emergency Rooms

Before we dig into the benefits of an urgent care, we have to understand what medical care costs look like in an emergency room. Median emergency room costs are said to range from $1,233 to $2,168 depending on the treatment you receive. That high price tag comes along with long wait times and an average treatment time of over 2 hours.

This can be blamed on the fact that emergency rooms treat life-threatening patients first, no matter how long you may have been waiting. Even with health insurance, you’re likely going to be stuck with a high copay for your trip to the emergency room.

Urgent Care

Urgent care centers are rapidly growing in popularity as people begin to recognize them as the cost-effective option. With health insurance, your copay could be as low as $50 at an urgent care! The cost can vary greatly if you don’t have insurance, but it will still be cheaper than an emergency room bill.

The low-price tag comes along with shorter wait times for treatment that’s just as good as what you’d find in an emergency room. You’ll be immediately by a medical professional that are highly qualified and experienced. For patients looking to avoid costly medical debt, choosing an urgent care is a no brainier!

Making the Choice

Opting for the more cost-effective choice is always ideal but knowing when it’s possible is another story. Urgent care centers are designed to treat injuries and illness that require immediate treatment, but aren’t life threatening. If you’re suffering from a life-threatening injury or illness you should still seek treatment at an emergency room, regardless of the cost.

Urgent care centers treatment several types of immediate healthcare needs including infections, fractures, sprains, cuts, and various symptoms of illness. You can also visit your local urgent care to receive a physical or STD testing!