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Most Common Seasonal Injuries During the Fall

In the fall, families in local communities are likely to participate in a variety of physical activities. Fun family events like local 5k runs, festive gatherings, and a wide variety of recreational activities. However, when participating in these activities it is helpful to actively prevent injuries.

A sudden injury during an athletic event such as a sprain or break can lead to a variety of physical complications if left unaddressed. Without immediate treatment, injuries may develop into serious medical conditions or a minor disability.

The good news for any patients located within Southlake, TX is that AFC Urgent Care Southlake provides same-day injury treatment via our walk-in clinic! Patients that experience sudden injuries can get the care they need from our team of urgent care provides and physician assistants.

However, it helps to understand the most common types of seasonal injuries and injury risks, in order to boost prevention. Below is a list of the top five seasonal injuries our urgent care team treats in the fall!

Sports injuries (in general)

Sports injuries such as sprains, ankle twists, and light bone breaks are especially common in the fall for patients of all ages. During the fall season a patient is likely to participate in a seasonal race or event like a football game, a turkey trot, 5k race, or another similar activity.

To prevent sports injuries, make sure you stretch frequently and learn skills to prevent injuries, such as making contact appropriately or staying alert.

Holiday and cooking related injuries

Kitchen safety is paramount during the fall since many holidays require big meals that take a lot of preparation and work to complete. If patients aren’t careful they could experience a cut or laceration from knives and kitchenware during the holidays.

Additionally, patients are likely to experience falls and bruises from putting up heavy decorations for several seasonal holidays. Make sure you always have help and stay alert whenever you are preparing for the festivities!

Chores and household maintenance also contribute to seasonal injuries

In the fall, patients are likely to experience a wide array of injuries as more chores, yard work, and household needs pop up. For example, cleaning out the gutters around your house may lead to a fall or unexpected injury. To avoid other types of injuries during fall chores, make sure you have safely maintained tools and safety equipment on hand.

Seasonal injuries are highly preventable for most patients. However, even the most careful individuals could experience a new cut or bruise during the autumn season. When this happens make sure to call AFC Urgent Care Southlake.