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STD Testing 101: When should you Get Tested?

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are common all across the U.S as they effect millions of individuals annually. The latest Centers for Disease Control numbers indicate that in 2016 over 1.5 million of new cases of chlamydia have occurred. Additionally, nearly 500,000 new cases of gonorrhea and 88,000 cases of syphilis occurred in the same year.

Most adults should get routine STD screenings and tests even if they believe their sexual partners are disease-free. STDs from a previous encounter may still lie dormant in the body and are mostly asymptomatic, which means that the majority of individuals don’t experience physical symptoms.

However, it is important to understand when you may have a higher than normal chance of contracting a potential STD. So when should adults get an STD test?

Make sure to get an STD test ASAP after having unprotected sex

Unprotected sex is one of the greatest risk factors for getting an STD. Use protection when engaging in sexual intercourse with a current or new partner.

Even though condoms and similar prophylactics are designed to prevent pregnancies, they can also reduce transmission of STDs through bodily fluids. Regardless of sexual orientation, gender, or age make sure to a test anytime after an unprotected sexual encounter.

Get an STD test after intercourse with a new sexual partner

After having either protected or unprotected sex make sure that you get an updated test at a nearby urgent care center.

A new sexual partner may have a history of STDs or be unaware of a previous disease from previous partners. In addition, some STDs don’t necessarily travel by sexual intercourse alone and may transfer through other forms of bodily contact.

A new relationship should be an exciting and start with minimal stress. Make sure that both you and your partner get screenings to address any STDs immediately.

Make sure to test regularly for STDs after intercourse with multiple partners

Having sexual intercourse with multiple partners can drastically increase your risk of getting an STD. After frequent sexual encounters like these make sure that you go to a nearby urgent care center for screenings.

Additionally, ask to check for several different types of STDs including gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia, and related diseases. As mentioned above, most STDs are asymptomatic so you can’t immediately identify which ones you could have.

If you require fast, private, and same-day STD testing services then visit your local AFC Urgent Care Southlake clinic! We accept walk-ins and don’t require appointments so you can visit whenever you need us.

STD testing should be convenient and respectful to your needs. That’s why our patient-focused urgent care center is here to help give you peace of mind.