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Sun Safety Tips for the Summer!

Summertime is sunshine time as beach trips, camping trips, and other outdoor activities become more frequent for the whole family! However, whenever you are outside in the sun for a prolonged period of time it helps to practice good safety and health-related skills.

Sunburn can lead to a variety of uncomfortable, painful, and even dangerous symptoms in extreme cases. Immediate sunburn and sun exposure effects include accelerated dehydration, fatigue, and physical exhaustion. In rare cases, a sunburn may even cause melanoma and some forms of skin cancer if you are not protected from exposure. Without proper sun safety you could require additional healthcare services that are easily preventable.

At AFC Urgent Care Southlake, we wanted to make sure that you are ready to have a healthy and safe summer with these sun safety tips!

Bring sunscreen whenever you’re outside, not just at the beach

Sunscreen is crucial for a beach trip to ensure that you don’t get a painful burn. Always bring SPF 30 sunscreen to prevent significant burn. Most sunscreens offer higher SPF, but 30 provides the maximum protection level against the sun. However, some higher SPF sunscreens offer extra protection against sweat and water.

Even when you’re not at the beach it always helps to have sunscreen. During a camping or hiking trip it helps to have sunscreen to protect any exposed skin on your arms, legs or elsewhere. A sunburn can still happen even with limited sun exposure, so always have some high-quality sunburn on your persons at all times.

Drink plenty of water and have water on your person at all times

Dehydration risks increase significantly whenever you are outside on a sunny day for long duration. The best way to combat dehydration is to drink plenty of water and have water on your person at all times. The rule of thumb is whenever you feel thirsty is to drink water until you’re quenched. The popular myth is that you need eight glasses of water a day, but most people require different amounts of water and needs vary based on dehydration level.

If you plan on being outside always have a water bottle on your person and make sure that you have access to water whenever possible!

Wear protective lightweight clothing when possible, also bring a hat!

Protective clothing that covers the body is a great way to avoid potential sunburn during the summer season. Lightweight pants, shirts, and other types of protective clothes can help keep you comfortable on a hot day while also preventing overexposure to the sun. Add a hat to get extra facial protection from UV rays that could lead to a possible sunburn!

Where can I find an urgent care provider in case of a sunburn-related injury or illness?

AFC Urgent Care Southlake provides immediate walk-in clinic and urgent care access for patients. Whenever you have a sunburn or dehydration-related illness please visit us immediately for urgent care. Our walk-in clinic also offers a great resource to get illness treatment and sunburn care ASAP!

If you have any questions, please call us immediately by using the button below, our phone number at 817-488-9922, or the map below for directions!