OPEN HOURS 8AM – 5PM MON-FRI. NOW PROVIDING COVID-19 SWAB TESTING BY WALK-IN CARE OR APPOINTMENT. AFC Urgent Care Southlake is open and now accepts Medicaid insurance coverage for urgent care services. Simply book an appointment online! 

Worker’s Compensation and Injury Treatment

Worker's Compensation and Injury Treatment

 At AFC Urgent Care Southlake, we’ll work to help employees and employers alike navigate through worker’s compensation issues and concerns as unexpected and stressful injuries occur. 

Our urgent care experts understand that workplace injuries are physically and emotionally traumatic. At AFC Southlake, our board-certified doctors can provide immediate high-quality care at lower wait times, and costs, than the emergency room.  

The urgent care team at AFC Urgent Care Southlake has significant experience working with businesses both large and small to address complexity of worker’s comp issues with ease and excellence.

Need our urgent care services to resolve worker’s comp claims? Your employees can walk-in at any time as we have experience resolving worker’s compensation claims of multiple scales. 

The walk-in clinic is open from 8 am to 8 pm, which is located at 325 Central Expy South,  Southlake, TX 75013. Walk-ins are always welcome but scheduling an appointment is usually easier.

Call us at (817)-756-9144 to schedule an appointment and get any workplace injuries, or worker’s compensation issues, settled ASAP!